Welcome to Royal Essence Candles. For over three decades, our commitment has been to create only the highest quality product at a price most often less than others of similar quality on the market. Our goal is not to be the biggest candle company in the marketplace, we just want to be one of the best. So, close your eyes and you are back in Grandma's kitchen, enjoying the breeze of a tropical beach, or smelling a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers.

The Royal Essence premium fragrance line is created using only superior quality, highly-fragrant oil and food grade waxes, each selected for its low oil content (which is necessary to carry the additional fragrance oil volume we add). Our candles and tarts are hand blended and scented at three times the rate of most on the market, ensuring that your product smells strong from beginning to end.
Again, we welcome you to the Royal Essence family and hope you enjoy your shopping experience and will visit us often.

Matthew 5:16 (NKJ)
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.


Our Price: $20.00
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Our Price: $10.00
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Jar Candle 20 oz with lid Fragrance Spray Oil

Our large, 20 oz., Flat Lid jar has two cotton wicks, to provide you an even and efficient burn. This candle will provide you with approximately 130+ hours of wonderful, aromatic pleasure.

2 oz. of concentrated fragrance oil. Perfect to refresh potpourri or silk flowers.
To freshen a room, try a couple of squirts on your air filter. Spray cotton balls and place in car ashtray, cup holder, under car seat; or toss in closet or dresser drawers. Try a quick spritz on underside of furniture. Use wherever you want a quick burst of the fragrance you love.

*Use sparingly, a little goes a long way.

*This is an oil and not intended to be used as a room spray. Use with caution as it may stain.

Our Price: $12.35
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Our Price: $10.00
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contemporary highball candle with lid Heart-shaped fragranced Wax Tart
New limited edition. Sleek, straight-lined highball glass is filled with approximately 12 oz., of our premium, triple scented wax, which will give you approximately 55 - 60 hours of beautiful aromatic pleasure. Has two wicks for a more complete burn
Please note, this highball style IS NOT refillable.

All the fragrance you love in your candles poured up in a heart-shaped tart. This is right at a full pound of fragrance, poured up in 13 adorable cubes & packaged in a convenient bag that ties so you can take out what you need and seal up the rest. The perfect compliment to your fragrance pantry. Each "heart" is twice the size of a regular cube, is hand blended & scented to the max allowance. These fun little SniffyScents will work with tart warmers on the market.

Another great use is as a closet or car fragrance. Make sure to check out our selection of warmers.